Your purchase will appear on your card statements as 2Checkout. Goods are sold in both USD and occasionally EUR.

Your card issuer may charge you an international service fee. Refer to http://www.gasmgermany.com

The following are the Terms and Conditions relating to all orders placed with Gsmgermany.com. Upon ordering from this website you confirm your agreement to these Terms and Conditions:

    1.1 The service of sourcing and supplying any unlock solution begins at the point payment has been received from a customer. Any timeframes stated are a calculation of the previous weeks unlocks and are given as a guideline, NOT a guarantee.

1.2 We offer official imei unlocking services

1.3 We offer network lookup services

  1. Delivery Policy (for Downloadable Goods)
    Upon receipt of your order, you will either be prompted to begin your download immediately or you will receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download. If you are prompted to begin your download immediately, your completion of the download will constitute delivery to you of the item(s) you purchased. If you receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download, the receipt by you of the e-mail will constitute delivery by us to you of the item(s) you purchased. In case you are unable to download the item(s) you purchase or you do not receive an e-mail from us with instructions to complete your download, you must contact us within 5 days from the date of your order. If you do not contact us within 5 days from the date of your order, the item(s) you purchased will be considered received, downloaded and delivered to you.
    2.1 the customer is responsible for having enough space to download the file or for the possible interruptions of the download ( electricity failure, internet interruption, etc.).
    3.1 All of the services offered on this website are entirely legal in Europe and North America. If you are ordering from outside of these two continents, please check your local jurisdiction before ordering.
    4.1 It is assumed that the customer has read the information on the website.
    5.1 It is the customers responsibility to check the compatibility of their handset with the network they intend to use once unlocked.

5.2 If customers intend to use a UK network after performing an unlock, they should first ensure that the handset they are unlocking has not been reported lost, stolen or abused by entering the IMEI at http://www.checkmend.com/. Lost, stolen and abused handsets are barred/blocked in the UK once reported and cannot be used on any network once this occurs.

    6.1 All prices and delivery times are as quoted. Delivery times are guidelines set by the relative networks.

6.2 These delivery times are variable and can decrease as well as increase without notice – this will apply to all unlock providers as well as ourselves – if your unlock is in progress we will immediately notify you of any changes to delivery times and keep you informed right up to the point of unlocking.

    All of the products on our websites are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee. We provide such a guarantee to give honest customers the reassurance that the product they are ordering will be delivered in good faith and will be fit for purpose. In order to protect the legitimacy of this guarantee for all parties concerned, the guarantee itself is subject to the following terms:
    Last updated: April 1st, 2015
    To place a refund, return or exchange request for an order placed with 2Checkout, You would need to contact 2Checkout via email at support@2checkout.com, by phone at +31 88 000 0008 or by accessing 2Checkout myAccount.

Please have your order number available and provide a reason for your request in order to speed up your refund process. Your request will be reviewed within 2 days and we will notify you via email of the results.

Refund, returns or exchanges request are accepted up to 30 days from the date of placing the Order with 2Checkout. 2Checkout may grant extensions to this period for some special cases and Products at its discretion.

If you choose to pay by check or money order you may cancel your Order before making the payment or in case the payment is not received by us in 30 days 2Checkout will cancelled you Order.

You may submit a request to cancel your order on the same day the order was placed. Please note that if the Order is already shipped or delivered we will not be able to approve the cancelation request.

Some products have special conditions for returns as described in the Order or Product materials delivered (“Products terms”) so please read the carefully before making a request with 2Checkout. In case of misunderstandings between 2Checkout Refund Policy and the Product terms, the present Refund policy will prevail. Shipping costs are non-refundable, except if due to 2Checkout error, when you need to contact 2Checkout and make a formal request.

If the refund request is granted by 2Checkout, payments are refunded as follows:

Credit / Debit Cards payments will be refunded within one (1) business days;
Wire Transfer and check payments will be refunded within seven (7) business days and the cost of transfer will be supported by the end user;
PayPal payments will be refunded within one (1) business day;
Other payment methods will be refunded between five (5) to seven (7) days.
If applicable, 2Checkout reserve the right to hold the refund payment until we receive a completed letter of destruction of the Product signed by you.

The present Refund policy is part of the 2Checkout TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

7.1 Guarantee does not apply where handset appears to be BLOCKED once unlocked (Handsets are blocked if reported lost, stolen or abused).

7.2 Guarantee applies only if our attempt to unlock your iPhone returns an ‘unavailable’ report to our server.

7.3 “Pre-orders” are not covered by our money back guarantee. We perform a variety of checks, including checking for lost/stolen status, correct network, phone history as well as Activation Lock status.

    8.1 Completion of the unlock process is made by email notification to the email address provided, simple instructions to complete the unlock procedure by connecting to iTunes is contained in the email.
    9.1 No changes can be made to orders which have been fulfilled where customer error has occurred in relation to the provision of data about the handset. Nor can refunds be provided in this instance.

9.2 In circumstances where an order is yet to be completely fulfilled and customer has provided incorrect data, we will endeavour to cancel any existing order and replace it with new order details. If we are able to cancel the existing order successfully, the delivery time of any such new order will be from the point of change and not from the point of the first sale being processed. We cannot guarantee cancellation. If we are unable to cancel the order, the customer would be required to re-order with correct details.

  1. ‘Unavailable’ Unlock
    10.1 This state means that it has not been possible to unlock the iPhone and further investigation is required to discover the reason for this.
    11.1 It is not necessary to restore your handset unless you have a jailbroken device, in which case the jailbreak must be removed prior to unlocking (you can re-apply it afterwards without a problem).

11.2 Customers who have a jailbroken iPhone prior to unlocking are strongly advised to make sure that their ‘Contacts’, ‘Messages’ and any other important data is properly backed up and synced with iTunes prior to attempting any unlocking procedure. We will not accept responsibility for the loss of customer data should this occur for any reason.

    Last updated: January 6th, 2020
    Verifone Payments B.V., Avangate Inc. or any of their affiliates doing business as 2Checkout (each “Avangate,” “2Checkout”, “We,” “Us” or “Our”) is committed to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that you continue to trust Us with Your personal information.

Customarily, We collect personal information only directly from you (contact data, payment, delivery details etc.). We will tell You what personal information is mandatory when placing an Order.

As Our shopper, You provide Us with contact data, such as Your name, surname, postal or email addresses, phone number; transaction details, such as information about the Products You buy, credit card number and other credit card details; renewal options, geo-location data of Your mobile or other device, including GPS-based, Wi-Fi-based, or cell-based location information. We will mention which information is mandatory in order for You to successfully place an Order.

Even if You are not a shopper, You may provide Us with contact data, for example when you set up an account with 2Checkout or when you enlist to our marketing communication thread.

We will interact with you (a) online, (b) offline or (c) when you interact with online targeted content (such as advertisements) that We or Our service providers provide to You via third party websites or applications.

In specific cases, personal information about You is collected by Us automatically.

We may collect personal information about You via automated means (such as cookies) when You interact with our ads, apps, or visit Our Websites. In such a case, personal information We collect may include IP address, browser type, operating system, mobile device identifier, geographical area, referring URLs.

You may also provide personal information about others (for example when You place an Order on other’s behalf). If so, You are responsible for the entire data You provide to Us (and We assume that You are authorized to give such data).

In case the personal information provided by You concerns other persons, it will be Your responsibility to obtain prior authorization.

We will collect Your personal information only with specific purpose in mind (processing an Order, sending You marketing communication etc.).

Our focus is to process Your personal information only for specific purposes that allow Us to service You in the best possible manner or, otherwise to manage an interaction with Us.

2Checkout may store and use Your Personal Information and, without further notice to You, provide Your Personal Information to 2Checkout affiliates or to third parties in order for 2Checkout, its affiliates or third parties:

to process an Order from You, including processing Your online payment and notifying You of the Order status,;
to invoice You for the Products ordered by You;
to deliver the Products ordered by You;
to support Our intent to maintain and improve the security of Your Order and transactions (e.g., by applying antifraud filters);
to register Your purchase with the Merchant (for warranty, technical support, or other purposes);
to provide You with shopper and technical support;
to inform You about Product upgrades; special offers; other products, services and information (including from third parties); market research; or completing surveys or evaluations; if You have opted to receive such communications;
to support Our intent to show You the most relevant content and improve usability of the Website;
to provide You with access to restricted areas of the Website;
to comply with legal requirements;
to enforce the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including the investigation of potential violations; or
for any other lawful purposes.

Depending on the relationship You have with Us, the processing necessary to fulfil Our legitimate interest may be: to remind You about your abandoned shopping cart, to request Your feedback, to create and maintain Your 2Checkout myAccounts, to protect against, identify and prevent abuse, fraud and other types of crime, claims and other liabilities. You are entitled to oppose to such processing, and we will review your request and respond to it on a case by case basis.

Some data, such as the types of used services and how many users We receive daily, may be used by 2Checkout for statistical, marketing, promotional, or any other lawful purposes. This kind of information is collected in aggregate/statistical form, without identifying any user individually.

In any case, We will not subject You to a decision based solely on automated processing that produces legal effects concerning you or similarly significantly affects You, unless you explicitly consented to the processing, the processing is necessary for entering into, or performance of a contract between You and Us, or when We are legally required / entitled to use Your personal data in this way, for example to prevent fraud.

You must be older than 16 years in order to place an order with Us if you reside in EU. Otherwise, children’s personal information is cautiously processed (only with specific safeguards).

We do not knowingly solicit or collect personal information from children below the age of 16 when offering services of an informational society (except if explicit consent from parent or custodian is obtained in prior). This is applicable only for those residing in EU.

If We discover that accidentally We collected personal information from a child below this age, We will remove that child’s personal information from Our records as soon as reasonably possible.

In order to process Your Order, We will share Your personal information with our partners.

Without any prior notice, 2Checkout may share your personal information with third parties for other purposes, but only in the following circumstances:

Affiliates: we may provide your personal information to affiliates or related companies for legitimate business purposes,
Merchants and their affiliates or partners: 2Checkout is an ecommerce platform that enables You to access worldwide Products and as such 2Checkout must share Your personal information for the purpose of You processing Your Order,
Service providers: 2Checkout may engage service providers, consultants, external partners, agents or contractors to provide services on its behalf, including administering our media and services available to you. These third parties may come to access or otherwise process Your personal information in the course of providing these services. 2Checkout requires such third parties, to comply with all relevant data protection laws and security requirements in relation to Your personal information, by way of a written agreement.
Public Authorities: 2Checkout may disclose Your personal information if it is required to do so by law or if, in Ours good faith judgment, such legal disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with legal processes or respond to any claims.

Some of Our services are provided through sites that bear Our partners’ or suppliers’ names and trademarks and are not in Our control, and this Website may contain links or other devices that take You to other websites that are also not in Our control. Certain of those other websites may provide products or services to You directly or on Our behalf. We are not responsible for any aspect of other websites, including, without limitation, the privacy practices, products, services, or content of such websites. This Privacy Policy will not apply to such other websites. Rather, Your activity and the information that You provide at such other websites will be subject to the privacy policy and other terms and conditions posted at such other websites.

You have specific rights in respect of data protection and We foster an environment facilitating their exercise (right to access, rectify, object, delete, receive your personal information or to complaint).

You have the right to:

access your personal information, rectify it, restrict or object to its processing, or request its deletion,
to receive the personal information You provided to Us or to transmit it to another company,
to withdraw any consent provided,
to opt out of some collection or uses of Your personal information, including the use of cookies and similar technologies, the use of Your personal information for marketing purposes, and the use for data analyses,
where applicable, to lodge a complaint with your supervisory authority.

In accordance with the applicable law, 2Checkout will provide You with access to Your Personal Information and, as appropriate, the right to intervene in respect of Your Personal Information. You may also be entitled to object to the processing of Your Personal Information by 2Checkout or to request the deletion of Your Personal Information, in which case, if 2Checkout in its sole discretion deems such Personal Information as mandatory, 2Checkout may no longer permit You to engage in certain activities.

You can decide if You want to provide Your Personal Information to 2Checkout, but if You do not provide certain Personal Information, You may not be able to make purchases, enlist services or access certain options at the Website or through other means. If You choose at the Website to receive communications regarding product information, special offers, or any other marketing or other information, We may add Your Personal Information to Our email database and use (or direct Our designees to use) Your Personal Information for providing such communications to You. You may later choose to unsubscribe from receiving such communications by following the unsubscribe directions in Our communications. If You provide 2Checkout with inconsistent privacy preferences at the Website (for example, by indicating on one occasion that We may provide You with marketing offers and on another occasion that We may not), 2Checkout will endeavor to update Your privacy preferences in 2Checkout’s records with Your latest preference in a timely manner.

If you are residing in the European Union, Your Personal information may be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area.

Personal Information provided to 2Checkout by You, the Merchants, or other third parties, is primarily processed and stored on the servers located at Our offices within The Netherlands and/or the United States. We may change the location of the servers from time to time to other countries and without prior notice to You; however, Personal Information will continue to be protected in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

Your Personal Information may be transferred to persons within the European Union, Switzerland or to persons within other countries whose legislation may or may not ensure an adequate level of protection. We shall endeavor to comply with the laws of the country from which Your Personal Information was transferred, if We consider the laws of the country to which Your Personal Information was transferred as not ensuring an adequate level of protection.

We participate in the United States – European Union Privacy Shield and Swiss – United States Privacy Shield Frameworks. Please see Our Privacy Shield Policy.

Your California Privacy Rights

At 2Checkout we never monetize your information and we are informing you on our data processing purposes through this Privacy Policy. We will not share personal information we collect about you except to the extent permitted under California law. If you are a California resident, we want to make sure you have everything you need to make informed decisions. Subject to certain limits under California law, You have the right to: know how your personal information is used; access, request and receive the personal information we have collected in a portable manner; object to having your data sold or shared, and request that we delete your personal data. You can make requests about your privacy rights at dpo@2checkout.com or using other alternative contact details as per https://www.2co.com/#contactUs
We installed adequate safeguards to secure Your personal information and We also implemented specific time periods so that to ensure that Your data is not retained longer than necessary for the stated purpose.

Data security. 2Checkout has implemented industry-standard measures to protect the security of the Personal Information We collect via the Website. For example, We use (SSL – Secure Socket Layers), a firewall and a digital certificate issued by VerisignTM to protect certain of Your Personal Information, and We are PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) certified. No one can guarantee, and We do not guarantee, that Your Personal Information is completely secure at all times, however We ensure You that the security of Your personal information is Our primary concern. You are also responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of Your Personal Information to protect it against unauthorized access or use.
Retention. We will only retain Your personal information for as long as You continue to use the Website or Products, and thereafter as permitted or required by applicable law, taking into account also our need to answer queries or resolve problems, provide improved and new services, and comply with legal requirements under applicable laws. This means that we may retain Your personal information for a reasonable period after your last interaction with us (as required by fiscal law, otherwise no longer than what is necessary to protect our legitimate interests, to defend against a claim or what is necessary pursuant to regulatory provisions).
When the personal information that We collect is no longer required in this way, we anonymize or delete it in a secure manner.
We have a dedicated point for you to contact us in any privacy matters (dpo@2checkout.com).
For the purpose of exercising Your rights, You shall submit a written request to 2Checkout in accordance with the applicable law to the applicable 2Checkout office identified in the “Contact Us” section of the Website, as per the dedicated contact details to dpo@2checkout.com . In addition, if You believe that 2Checkout has not complied with this Privacy Policy with respect to Your Personal Information, please submit a sufficiently detailed complaint to info@2checkout.com, or by mail to the applicable 2Checkout office identified in the “Contact Us” section of the Website. We will promptly investigate Your complaint. Thereafter, We will take all measures We deem necessary to remedy the issues outlined in Your complaint that We, in Our sole discretion, view as justified.
All your options and messages will be responded based on the law requirements (one month since your request or longer if necessary. Nevertheless, please consider that in order to implement your requests or options we may need several days due to technical reasons (during such period we may continue to process your personal information based on your past options).
If You have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please send Your inquiry to info@2checkout.com or to the applicable office identified in the “Contact Us” section of the Website.
2Checkout reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting notice of the changes on the Website. For additional details concerning changes to this Privacy Policy, please see Section 18.3 of the 2Checkout Terms and Conditions.

12.1 We will always endeavour to take reasonable care to ensure that all of your personal details provided to us are stored securely using standard industry practices.

12.2 Your personal details will only ever be kept for the purposes of processing your order(s).

12.3 We will never pass any of your details on to a 3rd party without your prior consent.

12.4 We do not store customer payment card details, these are passed directly to our payment provider(s) for the purposes of payment only.

12.5 You can ask for your details to be completely removed from our database at anytime.

    13.1 We will not tolerate any attempts to obtain our services by fraudulent means. We report all such attempts to defraud our company to the relevant credit reference agencies and authorities.

13.2 To combat fraud, we are obliged to log the IP addresses of customer computers at each and every stage of the buying and delivery process.

13.3 Any attempts to defraud our company are passed on to our dedicated Debt Collection and Fraud Department. We already work closely with Nochex, Dalpay, Google, Internet Service Providers. Law Courts and a variety of Global Debt Recovery agents worldwide to successfully prove that our services have been digitally delivered in cases of fraud or mis-claims of ‘non-receipt’. We are able to successfully recover monies in cases where payment has been reversed or charged back.

13.4 In cases where we feel confident that a customer is attempting to defraud our company, in addition to recovering funds we will also forward an invoice for a demand for payment including a £100 administration fee which will be applied to the invoice. Customer will be allowed a 30 day grace period within which to pay the invoice after which time, a further administration fee of £50 EUR per month will be levied against the debt and interest (charged at 8% per annum / 0.6% per month) will be applied to the full upstanding amount. If the invoice remains unpaid after 90 days, we will seek recovery via the law courts and our debt collection agents.

13.5 In case of any chargeback, the associated IMEI will be blacklisted in the iTunes database, preventing it from working on all networks worldwide. This is PERMANENT.

    14.1 We reserve the right to terminate the order of any customer who demonstrates any form of verbal abuse or aggression towards any member of our staff either verbally or in writing. All communication will be terminated with such customers and all correspondence forwarded to our legal department. Any such customer would also forfeit their right to a refund in this instance.
    15.1 If a handset is reported lost or stolen (or abused), it may well be ‘Blacklisted’ (also known as ‘Blocked’ or ‘Barred’), preventing it from ever being used again in the UK on any of the major networks. It is not possible to find out if a ‘SIM Locked’ or ‘SP Locked’ handset has been ‘Blacklisted’ from any particular network or all major networks without first performing the ‘unlock’ procedure using our services. Therefore, if we undertake an unlock and you find out the phone is in fact logged as lost, stolen or abused, we cannot then refund your payment. We will undertake the job you request but cannot legally make a ‘blacklisted’ handset work again.
    16.1 Due to the nature of our supply chain, it is not possible for customers to cancel the service once payment has been received.
    17.1 The domain name ‘gsmgermany.com’, the website upon the domain and all associated information is legally owned & operated by GSMG Germany GmbH

17.2 All 3rd party brands & logos are the registered trademarks of their respected owners. This website is not affiliated or part any of the network operators or handset manufacturers detailed on our websites.

17.3 We will not be held responsible for any loss of data that may result whilst attempting to unlock your handset using any of our unlocking procedures. 16.4 *Price matching excludes network providers direct and the companies need to be UK VAT registered companies and have a valid telephone number displayed. Price matching can only be done before purchase is made

The above conditions are in addition to your statutory rights which are not affected.