Flash Method




Have you bought a used iPhone or received one from a friend or relative and the login information is unknown or forgotten? 3uTools is a free and special software to help you install a modified IOS firmware.


With 3uTools, a modified firmware and a PLIST format text file, it becomes extremely simple and you can unlock your phone in less than 10 minutes. It is available to unlock any iPhone/iPad. It also works on all iOS versions. This also fixes the “No network signal” issue, permanently removes the old iCloud account, disables the “Find my iPhone” screen and iOS can be updated without locking iCloud again.


Steps to follow:

1) Obtain the modified firmware and the plist text file (the latter is free and you can request it from us by email or download it from the internet)

1) You need to have 3uTools (it’s free).

and follow the steps in the tutorial


3)Proceed to flash the iphone

4)and ready, your device will be fully unlocked.

Tutorial Video