How to complete the offers?

First Step:

Select one of the offers displayed on the panel.
– the *green bar indicates the ease of the task*.
– They are usually 1 Minute Tasks, sometimes they take up to 5 minutes.

Second step:

complete the survey,
-most surveys usually ask you to verify your email address.
-If you do not complete the survey you can come back and try a different one.

Third step:

Once the task is successfully completed the download will start automatically.

How do I know if I have completed the survey?
-Once you choose a task you will see a window with a back arrow where it says “loading”, once completed this window will disappear and you will be redirected to the automatic download.

Why Choose This Method to Obtain the Tool?

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We recognize that the expense associated with acquiring specialized tools can be a hurdle for many users. To overcome this, we’ve devised an innovative system that enables you to access our premium tool by completing straightforward tasks from the section above. No need to worry about pricey purchases or concealed fees – our mission is to democratize this cutting-edge technology and make it accessible to everyone.

By engaging in the tasks provided above, you not only gain entry to the capabilities of our custom tool but also become an esteemed supporter of our dedicated team of developers. Your involvement empowers us to broaden the spectrum of compatible devices, ensuring that iPhone, iPad, and Android users can all reap the rewards of this revolutionary technology.

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